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New product development

Startups & Web

We implement the technology that powers startups. We understand the objectives and challenges peculiar to startups and entrepreneurial projects. By this, we mean specifically that we understand that startup success will be enabled by minimizing expenses and achieving fastest time-to-market. As your full service vendor, we work closely with you to provide whatever business analysis, design, programming, testing, deployment, refinements and maintenance of the web and mobile applications you need.

Process automation

Business Applications

Custom applications like inventory management, scheduling, logistics, document management, workforce and process automation will give your small business advantages that your larger competitors may already possess. We work closely with you to discover the pain points, and provide cost-effective solutions to the unique challenges your business faces to remedy inefficiencies or inadequate processes already in place. Then, we will develop and deploy custom solutions and provide training if necessary.

Temporary CTO

Technical Management

A successful project needs more than well-defined goals and a capable team of developers. It needs effective technical management to ensure that hard won gains are not lost, and that demonstrable and timely progress is being made. We can provide the leadership, experience, and new insights necessary to get the direction of floundering projects back on track.

Many businesses already have solutions that meet their needs, such as a website. What they lack is the technical resources to detect occasional problems like platform upgrades, managing service subscriptions with vendors, maintaining certificates, reported bugs, etc. If not quickly addressed by experts, these can be devastating and very costly to your business. We can provide the operations consulting and services to avert problem situations.

Some startups have no one to name as their CTO. Nevertheless, someone needs to field questions from, and present technical proposals to potential investors. You can greatly increase the credibility and confidence in your project by placing a seasoned technology executive in the position of CTO of your startup.

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