Will it feel like anything to be an Artificial General Intelligence? We make the case that efforts to simulate consciousness could be inherently limited thinking machines can never be any more sentient than a cash register.

10 Probing Interview Questions

Instead of hosting the usual quiz show, consider asking one of these questions to find a rockstar.

A Pain in the Agile Seating

If you feel like you’re being held prisoner at your desk, it’s because Agile Office Layout incorporates some of the best of principles 19th century prison architecture.

Make this underestimated, yet conceptually easy to understand AI approach work to evolve algorithms and programs and enjoy its advantages over neural networks.

Story Points Post-Agile?

A team has a finite number of hours to achieve a proposed set of tasks to be accomplished. What are our options for project planning and estimation outside the Agile-Industrial Complex?

Krista Doesn't Code With Her Face

Shadow Inc. politics-first technology strategy wrecks democracy.

Some advice is not even wrong. We try to find out who this article was supposed to be written for, whether this is valid question, how to ask better questions, and how to get better advice.

Startups are often advised to take special care in making tech hiring decisions. But this advice puts process ahead of the quick wins that are critical to fund and sustain more successful and anti-fragile processes in the future. We show you how to circumvent distractions, avoid disaster, lower costs, and snag the quick wins early.

Feature Toggles For The Web

You can keep new features, changes, and alternative behaviors of your application “dormant” in production so that by turning on run time “switches”, only you and your testers can experience these behaviors. You control which new or experimental behaviors are switched on of off for the whole world.

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